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Some of the Classes We Offer

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Mild Motion (Warm)

Friday 10:00 am, Saturday 9:30am

This class is ideal for beginners and those who have been out of practice for a while. The use of movement coupled with mindful holds gives the students the chance to experience both the energy of movement and the peace of grounded stillness.

Core Flow (Hot)

Tuesday 5:15pm, Saturday 11:00am

Awaken your core and your inner fire! This class utilizes traditional asana and pranayama along with movement and repetition to challenge the muscles of the core, facilitate stamina, and improve function. Hand weight use is optional. This is a heated class, so come hydrated and bring a water bottle along.

Sunday Morning Flow (Warm)

Sunday 10:00am

A dynamic yoga flow focusing on linking breath with movement. Specific poses will be held for deeper expression, but the emphasis in this flow is on the transitions between poses. We begin cultivating heat by moving through Sun Salutations, and then focusing on strengthening sequences to challenge the body and the mind. We'll finish off with a stretchy cool- down to elongate the muscles we have worked, leaving you ready to take on the rest of your day. Modifications will be offered for beginner/ intermediate practitioners. All levels welcome!


Monday 7:00 pm

All levels gentle practice which targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine.
Postures are held for 3 - 5 minutes so that the muscles can release and connective tissues and
joints can open. This type of practice creates deeper range of motion and increased circulation, a
perfect compliment to yang practices, such as vinyasa yoga, strength training, cycling, or

Mat Pilates (Warm)

Monday 5:30pm

Mat Pilates promotes core strength, muscle control, and endurance. Pilates exercises stress proper posture and movement patterns. It is a form of exercise that emphasizes balanced development of the body through core stability, elongated muscles, and body awareness which focuses on abdominals, lower back, hips, and glutes. Join this heated class to enjoy the benefits of a strong core and body.

Creative Yin

Wednesday 10:00am, Saturday 8:00am

Yin Yoga is "yoga for the rest of us", meaning our deeper connective tissues. Most forms of Yoga today are dynamic active practices that work roughly half of our body; the more visible, muscular half, the "Yang"  tissues. Yin yoga allows us to work the other half, the deeper "yin" tissues of the ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks, and even down to the bones and cellular levels. Join me and invest time in the parasympathetic side of your central nervous system;  Very beginner friendly, and extensive use of props, taught at 70-75 degrees.

Unwind (Warm)

Tuesday 7:00pm

This warm (85-90 degrees Fahrenheit) class allows students to move mindfully and slowly through the hatha poses presented. Beginning with stretches that warm up the body, release tension, and connect the body with breath, the class will progress to toning and lightly challenging sequences before offering deep stretches toward the end of class to help students wind down before savasana. Students will leave feeling open, yet grounded and centered. All levels welcome.

Power Vinyasa (Hot)

Wednesday 5:15pm, Thursday 6:00am, Friday 12:00pm

Glow + Grace (Hot)

Wednesday 5:45am, Thursday 5:15pm

Beautifully combining barre method and yoga asana, this class is designed to detox the body through sweating and help perfect posture, balance, strength, and flexibility. Finish feeling powerul, rejuvenated, and poised. This is a heated class, so come hydrated, and bring a water bottle along.

Energize + Tone (Hot)

Wednesday 3:30 pm, Friday 4:30 pm

Take your practice to an exciting and challenging new level with a building pace, optional hand weight use, and inspiring peak poses. Balancing focus between the cardiovascular system, the muscular system, and the nervous system, this class is both intense and invigorating. Modifications will be included to accommodate varying fitness levels, but it is recommended that a Vinyasa class has been taken prior to student participation. Hydrate before, and bring water along.

Invigorating Vinyasa yoga flow with engaging sequencing, empowering poses, and dynamic Sun Salutations. This class is perfect for those who have been out of practice for a while as well as those who have never done yoga. This is a heated class, so be sure to hydrate prior to participation, and bring a water bottle along.